Beautiful Seaside Apartment in Valun

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Valun seaside apartment
The apartment is just steps from the water...
View of Valun Bay from apartment window
...and directly overlooks the Bay of Valun
Apartment bedroom, twin beds
The first bedroom has high ceilings and a window to the sea...
Apartment bedroom, twin beds
...comes with twin beds and furnishings
View into the bedroom
A view into the main bedroom, overlooking the bay
Bedroom with queen-size bed
This bedroom is furnished with a queen-sized bed
The newly renovated kitchen comes fully furnished
Eating area
The kitchen has a comfortable eating area
Bathroom toilet and shower
The bathroom comes with a shower...
Bathroom sink and cupboards
...a sink and cupboards.
Backyard terrace with grapvines
Grapevines wind above the terrace, with a table
and chairs for relaxing

Backyard garden
The enclosed courtyard offers a flowering landscape

Valun on the island of Cres
The village of Valun
Valun harbor
The tiny harbour is still used by local fishermen
Small beach in front of apartment
A little pebbled beach in front of the house
Valun seaside apartment
A view looking from the water
View looking out onto the Bay of Valun
Enjoy warm afternoons with a peaceful view

Evening swimmers in Valun Bay
The sun setting over Valun Bay

Valun, Island Cres view from above
The rooftops of Valun and beyond
Beach far below Lubenice
Turquoise waters off a pebble beach below the
ancient town of Lubenice
Cres Island landscape
The island terrain is rocky but beautiful
Cres Bay sailboats
Late afternoon view of Cres Bay
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